West india travel awards 2014

West India Travel Awards 2014
Celebrating the achievements of those behind the success of the travel and tourism industry in West India, an impressive awards ceremony aptly named– India Travel Awards was held in Pune. The award ceremony took place in Novotel Pune on Friday, 25th July 2014.

India Travel Awards is an initiative supported Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. The Chief Guest, Shri Parvez Diwan, Secretary-Ministry of Tourism, gave away the West India Travel Awards to the industry leaders. The awards were presented to achievers from different segments of the industry which included domestic and international tourism boards, aviation, hotels and resorts, travel agents, tour operators etc.

Lavasa bagged the “Best Tourist Attraction” of the West India, award in the ceremony. The award was received by Mr. Bhupesh Kumar, AVP-Tourism, Lavasa Corporation Ltd.