Xthrill School Summer Adventure Camp

Xthrill School Summer Adventure Camp
Summer is not just about sweltering heat, especially if you are a school student. With summer vacation round corner, it is time to mix learning with a lot of fun and frolic at the Xthrill School Summer Adventure Camp.

The cost of the package is Rs.6000 + GST 18% per child.

Children are requested to report the Xthrill campsite on Day 1 at 1200 hrs and can be picked up on Day 3 at 1400 hrs. Transportation needs to be arranged by self.

What your child will gain:

  • - Positive approach.
  • - Develop self–confidence,
  • - Enhance the personality.
  • - Communication skills.
  • - Dealing with fear.
  • - Developing life skills.
  • - Creativity and out of box thinking.
  • - Encouraging good eating habits.
  • - Fitness Mantra concept of Body- Mind - Soul.

The Cheque should be in favour of FULL SPECTRUM ADVENTURE LIMITED in full advance. Disclaimer & health form needs to be filled by parents and carried by the child while coming to the camp. Also check the tentative children’s camp schedule.Contact Person - Mr Vikram Dakwale +91 7057362538/ Ms. Harleen Kamboj +91 7448130394

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A few snapshots of the event are given below: