Day Picnic at Lavasa




Lakeshore Watersports

Zip across water on a jet ski, enjoy a small cruise on the lake with a Pontoon boat or jump on inflatable toys or simply go kayaking at Lakeshore Watersports Contact on +91 20 6473 2020 or e-mail



Vortex Splash Pad

VORTEX SPLASH PAD now comes to Lavasa! Explore Splashpad® the zero-depth series, Poolplay™ innovative multi-level interactive play components, and Spraypoint™ Urban Oasis water features. Charges: Rs. 200 per hour



Unwind at Dasvino Town & Country Club

Unwind at the spa at the Dasvino Town & Country Club. The club provides a plethora of leisure facilities that include a world-class spa, restaurants, a pub, a gymnasium and indoor games.




Take a leisure lunch break at any one of the hotels or options at the lakeside promenade



Adventure Sports

Unleash your adventurous side with Xthrill Adventure Academy and activities like paint ball, rappelling, rock climbing, camping, trekking and lots more!
Contact on +91 9028705994 AND +91 9823667445
or e-mail



Snacks & Coffee

Before calling it a day, make a quick pit stop for a cuppa or for a snack. You've got the pick of the platter with Hungry Hippo, a fast food outlet, besides other options available at the lakeside promenade.



Nature Trails

End the day with a walk along the serene Nature Trails located besides Ekaant.



Games Arcade

Get your gaming suit on and enjoy a variety of games on display like Neo arcade, Electronic darts and Photo play at Neo Spark. The latest attraction at the games Arcade is the Robin Self Balancing Joyride. Hop on one and take a joyful spin around Lavasa. Call KalpeshKamble – 9823397115 for bookings. For more information, click here.


Travelers' Alert: Visitors to Lavasa should be aware that a business calling itself JenJon Holiday Homes supposes to offer guest house and holiday home lodging. This business is attempting to operate in violation of Lavasa land use regulations and has no authorization from Lavasa to conduct its business activities. Visitors are discouraged from doing business with JenJon Holiday Homes. Persons choosing to make bookings through JenJon Holiday Homes are advised that access and other services to JenJon lodging may be denied, interrupted or unavailable when booked through this company. For additional information, please contact the Lavasa Citizen Contact Centre at