UK India Business Council

UK India Business Council

Lavasa Corporation and UK India Business Council, in collaboration with Association of Colleges, UK and Manipal City & Guilds (MC&G) are pleased to announce the launch of

Certificate Programmes in Construction (Masonry and Bar Bending)
Certificate Programmes in Unarmed Security.

Assessment and Awarding Body: MC&G
Train the Trainer: Burton and South Derbyshire College
Content and Curriculum Design: Highbury College

The certificates will confer national recognition and will help candidates with credits when they apply for International equivalence for migration based on their skills sets.

Who should attend?

This program is tailored to suit freshers/new entrants in the Construction sector (Masonry and Bar Bending) and Unarmed Security Guards.

Program dates:

Training in Construction (Masonry & Bar-bending) by MC&G’s Delivery partners: 9th June 2014 onwards (subject to nomination of batches)
Training in Unarmed Security by MC&G's Delivery partners: 9th June 2014 onwards (subject to nomination of batches)

Theme of program: Design, Deliver and Assess (DDA) Competency-based Skills, which will focus on four basic challenges that confront the Skills ecosystem in India today:

  1. International benchmarked Qualification and Teaching Aid
  2. Training of Trainers and Accreditation of Trainers by International Master Trainers
  3. NOS of Indian Construction Sector Skills but delivery based on International bench mark
  4. Assess and Award successful candidates based on Competency based Skills.

We look forward to your active participation.

Please Email Neeru Sood at :

  • Aocindia
  • High Bury College
  • City Guilds
  • Burton South