Martial Art

Lavasa, in its endeavor to become a sporting destination, hosted the India Martial Arts Fest 2014 (IMAF2014). This 3-day fest was led by Cosmo Zimik (Olympic Coach and Director of Empty Hand Combat, USA) and other experts from Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Afghanistan. Ancient art forms like WUSHU and SHAOLIN were taught exclusively at Lavasa by the international masters. More than 100 students in the age groups between 7 – 62 years participated in the fest.

A special gallery was created which displayed information on various aspects of martial arts. Besides, there was also a showcase of martial arts skills along with professional seminars and workshops by experts.

The fest also witnessed the inauguration of the Chitah JKD Martial Arts Academy at Lavasa which will provide invaluable martial art training to many aspiring learners, while complementing the sport academies already under development within Lavasa, which today include the Sir Steve Redgrave Rowing Academy and a hockey academy with Hockey Australia.