Why study in lavasa

Why study In Lavasa

Lavasa is truly a fount of eclectic experiences, with schools and colleges that are recognized all over the world, adding value and enrichment to the lives of many children, irrespective of all age groups & socio-economic strata. In addition there will also be sports academies for golf, tennis and other sports, music academies, adventure training institutes and edutainment parks. Short-term courses in activities as diverse as star-gazing, horse-riding, pottery and photography ensure all-round development.

In line with the lifelong learning philosophy of the brand, there are multiple sport academies slated to open at Lavasa. These include:

  • A 18 hole golf course at Dhamanhol and a ‘Golf Academy’ to be developed at Mugaon
  • Football Academy
  • World class hockey academy at Lavasa, tie up with Hockey Australia
  • Tennis Academy
  • Rowing academy by Sir Steve Redgrave via Golden Five Limited
  • Badminton Academy.

This ensures that Lavasa is a place that offers students a 360° learning experience that transcends the curriculum to provide you with an education that is well-rounded, focusing on personality development, in addition to academics.