If you've always dreamt of living in your very own villa, set in a picture-postcard setting, your dream will finally be realised at the Goan-Mediterranean Villas at Lavasa. These captivating villas are available in the following sizes:

  • One Eighth 2060 sq. ft., 2093 sq. ft., 2710 sq. ft., 2380 sq. ft.
  • One Fifth 2600 sq. ft., 2729 sq. ft.
  • One Fourth 2600 sq. ft., 2729 sq. ft.
  • One Third 3295 sq. ft, 3396 sq. ft., 3572 sq. ft., 3933 sq. ft., 3396 sq. ft.
  • Half Acre 4198 sq. ft., 4898 sq. ft., 4679 sq. ft.
  • One Acre 9150 sq. ft.

They’re built on large parcels of land gracing the hillsides, all the way to the town square on the waterfront, and are presented in both ascending and descending formats, as well as in a variety of designs, offering you delightful views of the scenic surroundings.

With an emphasis on providing not just lifestyles but a healthy social infrastructure, starter villas are being priced at highly reasonable rates.